Meagan Musing: Dress for the Day: Color Pops

Meagan Musing


Dress for the Day: Color Pops

It was the first day that looked like winter, gray skies and a cold wind.

So I decided it called for color.

Sometimes you just need to do the opposite of what the day calls for.

I had no idea how much I'd love my booties. I wear them way more than I thought I would. You need a pair! Yes - you!

I've been wearing these denim leggings all fall, and I thought they were pretty cute. And then I saw this photo, and now I'm questioning my choice. I feel a little bootylicious. But you know, Brian hasn't complained so maybe it's okay. Ha!

That's the craziest thing about doing these #dressfortheday posts. I'm really liking that I have to think about my outfits a bit more - I think I'm taking more chances and putting things together I might not have otherwise. But I also have to be willing to look at the photos.

It's a tough thing to look at your legs and your hips from all angles. (And you know I pick the most flattering photos to share with y'all!) It's eye opening for sure.

And some weeks it tests my confidence a bit. This week was one of those weeks.

I'll probably wear this outfit again - it's super comfortable and I like it. But I might need to find a longer shirt to cover the boot-ay a bit more. :)


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