Meagan Musing: Preschool Lunch Bentos - Weeks 8 & 9

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Preschool Lunch Bentos - Weeks 8 & 9

I toured a little private school today in anticipation of Andrew going to Pre-K next year and then Kindergarten the following year. It was all a little surreal. He's not really going to go to school five days a week is he??

The school was great. Kids in art, gym and Spanish during our brief tour. The library was swoon worthy with books displayed next to stuffed versions of their characters on short open shelves.

Caroline was with me in the Ergo and she tried to jump out to run off with Lilly and her Purple Purse.

I could totally see Andrew settling in on one of the bean bags scattered around the letter covered rug.

We don't know yet where he'll end up for Elementary - maybe the little public school in the neighborhood we like, maybe here in this fabulous Catholic school. But no matter where he lands I pray he loves it. Instilling a love of learning is one of our most important jobs as parents, and I think about it a lot.

During dinner on Tuesday night Andrew told me he knew the Pledge of Allegiance. I was honestly surprised. I didn't know they'd been working on it in preschool, but he had it down. He said, "I can say it two times!" and then again, "I can say it three times!" He was so proud. And so was I.

He's such a special kid.

And these last two weeks he's had pretty cool lunches, too. :)

Tuesday, October 30:

Andrew actually had a Halloween party at school and they had pizza. So I just had to make Caroline's lunch. She had ham on the last of my puffy pumpkin sticker toothpicks, pop chips, star shaped cheese, grapes and blueberries. It was packed in my little frog box.

Thursday, November 1:

I packed Andrew a fall-themed lunch to celebrate November. Ham roll-ups, raspberries with a leaf pick, leaf shaped naan bread and cheese, mustard and a pickle. It was packed in the Lunchbots Duo. He thought the leaf shapes were awesome.

Tuesday, November 6:

Andrew had vehicle stamped peanut butter & jelly, cheese, crackers, blueberries and yogurt packed in the Yubo box.

Caroline had a car and a bus pb&j too with a few crackers, cheese cubes, blueberries and grapes.

Thursday, November 7:

Andrew took Iron Man for show and tell today so I figured it was appropriate for him to have an Iron Man sandwich. I can't tell you how much he loves these. He also had spider-man Cheese-Its and blackberries. I stuck a little frog pick in the berries since this lunch was packed in the frog box.

You can find most of my bento supplies online at All Things for Sale. And Amazon is a great resource too.

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