Meagan Musing: Weekend #DIYs.

Meagan Musing


Weekend #DIYs.

It's kind of crazy that I left that picture of me in a Cowboys shirt up on my blog for so long...we're already back to game day and they won - again! It's a November miracle.

I was bitten by the DIY bug last week, and I went a little off the deep end.

It all started when I bought this ebook from the Handmade Home. I decided right then that I needed a jig saw and lots of paint. Everything she posts is so inspiring! I wanted to get to work.

But I thought I should start small so I painted a sign for our downstairs bathroom.

I don't know why I thought a hand painted sign would be easy.

I traced the letters but still had to paint them in by hand. Let's just say I do not have a career in surgery ahead of me. But I still think it's pretty cute, and it will be great in the kids' bathroom. Brian is going to add hooks for me so we can use it to hang up their towels.

(I used this tutorial from Miss Mustard Seed.) The next time I do a sign though I will used bolder colors. This one is lacking pop.

And then - then I decided I needed to paint our TV cabinet.

Y'all. Our TV cabinet is huge! It takes up an entire wall in the den, with the flat screen TV, two side bookcases and a big thing on top.

And it's not that there's anything wrong with it. I just don't love it. We've been in our house for over six years now and we've grown and changed as a family, and I feel like my style has too.

I told Brian "let's wait until after Christmas." And then I started painting it this weekend. I know.

I've only done a small bit of it inside one of the bookcases, but so far it's not really what I want it to be. So I think I'm going to put that one on the back burner. And since the new paint is only inside the bookcase with the door closed it won't look too weird to leave it that way until after Christmas.


Please agree with me here.

Also this weekend I took Andrew to a birthday party at Pump it Up and got suckered into going down two giant slides. Those things are crazy!

And then Brian and I taught Andrew's Sunday School class this morning. I was very grateful for the detailed instructions. The kids were so sweet though. And it was funny to watch Andrew interact with these kids we didn't know.

Throw in lots of play time and kitchen cleaning (seriously - where do all those dishes come from??)  and that's our weekend.

What did y'all do?

Did you know Thanksgiving is this week? did that happen??  I'm not ready!

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