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Weather Love

I was crazy about the weather as a kid growing up in Oklahoma.

I loved a good thunderstorm and was fascinated with cold fronts and dry lines, giant tornadoes and watching a hurricane get closer and closer to the coast.

When I was about ten I thought for sure I would be a meteorologist on TV when I grew up.

But then I realized it was all about science and math, while English and history were really much more my thing. And accounting. I was probably the only high school student to take accounting and LOVE it.

Clearly, no weather girl jobs in my future.

Moving to Dallas brought a whole new fascination with weather, mainly in that I now can spend hours checking my weather app, waiting for it to show me something other than hot and humid.

I may have mentioned the oppressive heat a time or fifty-two last summer when I was nine months pregnant.

We had record-breaking heat with something like 50 consecutive days of over 100 degree temps. It was so terrible. I just tried really, really hard to never leave the house and its glorious A/C.

But this summer has been a great reprieve. Today - June 24th! - was the first day we hit 100 degrees. We've had rocking thunderstorms and cloudy days.

Sadly, it's most likely coming to an end. It'll be in the 100's the next few days, and I doubt we'll have many 92 degree days again for a long, long time.

So - enjoy these cute iphone photos of my adorable kids from this, the last week of comfortable summer weather in Dallas.

Here's hoping for non-oppressive temps in your future! :)


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