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Totally That Mom (and Instagrams!)

I decided to try to squeeze in a trip to Target - the second of the week - in the morning before Caroline's nap. That was my first mistake because of course we were running later than I wanted to be.

I was rushing us out of the store to get home before she crashed in the car. We were one minute out of the parking lot when Andrew yelled, "Mom! my buckles aren't buckled!" Um, that was my second mistake.

The first place I saw to pull over? The shopping center with the new Chick-fil-a.

We couldn't stop at Chick-fil-a and not pick up lunch. So we waited in the drive-thru line. My third mistake.

By this point I was begging Caroline to stay awake in the backseat because she will NOT transfer a nap no matter how quiet and careful I am. Very sad.

She made it 'till we were seven minutes from home and her eyes would not stay open another minute so I did what any awesome mother would do.

I blared The Fresh Beat Band and sang along with Andrew as loud as I could.

Y'all my 22 year old self would have died of embarrassment!

But I was genuinely having a good time! And Andrew loved it.

He'd sing and then report to the front seat, "her eyes are open! she's awake! Oh wait - louder, louder!" We were seat dancing like crazy, and people in the next cars gave me funny looks.

I was totally that mom.

And I loved it.


Our week in Instagrams: (Are you on Instagram? I'm MeaganMusing and I'd love to follow you!)

Please tell me you've done crazy stuff to keep your kids awake in the car!

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  • I have so done that! My hubs and I will do almost anything to keep our kids from falling asleep in the car. :) I love your pics! I' m going to look you up on Instagram. Have a great weekend!

    By Blogger Amy @ Picture It, At June 9, 2012 at 3:41:00 PM CDT  

  • haha! i've done the singing and turning up music too...was even mean enough to wind all the windows down in the car....but my little one still managed to fall asleep!

    i'm not sure if i've commented before, but i love your blog. your photos are fantastic and you are such an inspiration (i'm still stuck on the automatic setting of my dslr camera) and i've really enjoyed the camera tutorials.

    can i ask you what sort of double pram you have? it looks really comfortable for *both* kids, which isn't something you see often.

    By Blogger little miss olive, At June 9, 2012 at 8:18:00 PM CDT  

  • Oh yes, I have totally done that, lol. And I can't carry a tune in a bucket.
    Love your beautiful pics Meagan. What a sweet family you have!

    By Blogger Melissa Bliss Rich, At June 9, 2012 at 9:42:00 PM CDT  

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