Meagan Musing: Wild Week in iPhone Photos

Meagan Musing


Wild Week in iPhone Photos

This week was somethin'...

Brian was out of town and Andrew has been testing me like crazy. We're both pretty happy that he'll be back in Mother's Day out two mornings next week.

I like the structure and routine, and I think it's good for someone else to be in charge of telling him what to do every once in a while. :)

So today we escaped to Target because it's the thing to do, and we were out of paper towels.

Everything was so colorful and pretty and I grabbed my phone and snapped away. I got a few funny looks: I was wearing the baby in the Ergo, Andrew was in the front of the cart, and I was shopping of course. While taking pictures of fruit.

Hahaha! The hot dog. Andrew wanted to keep it in sight at all times.

The next time you're at Target you should have a look around. There's lots of fun stuff to photograph!

Also this week....

He was in that costume every single day. I had to beg him to take it off when we left the house because it's too puffy to wear in his car seat. Also, it's summer.

Miss Caroline started taking steps! Those thighs crack me up.

Flowers and wine - two of my favorites.

Doesn't everyone go camping in the living room? And wear awesome Jessica Simpson shades?

I love the light in these. My sweet babies....I love them to the moon and back, even when they make me want to pull my hair out. :)

Happy, happy weekend! Brian's home, and and I'm very thankful!


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