Meagan Musing: My Summer Makeup

Meagan Musing


My Summer Makeup

If I were a better morning person I'd be up and dressed before my kids are ready to start the day.

But I'm so not.

Most days Caroline's chirps or Andrew's footsteps are my alarm clock.

I try to get dressed in a hurry, but I feel bad having them wait for me, hanging out in the bathroom while I put on my makeup.

So a few weeks ago I decided to pack it all up and make it portable.

Now I can do my makeup in the kitchen during breakfast or in Andrew's bedroom while he plays with trains.

Getting dressed and putting on makeup everyday makes me feel better about myself. Even if I'm just hanging out at home with the kids all day. At least I'm putting some effort in, and I think surely Brian appreciates it when he gets home.

So...what am I wearing this summer?


I have an interesting assortment of makeup. It's all kind of mish-mash, but it works for me.


I start with a tinted moisturizer mixed with a tiny bit of foundation. Bonus - SPF included!


Then I use an under eye concealer called Well Rested from bare minerals. I may not be rested, but my eyes are. Ha! I also use a bit of a finishing powder all over.


I've had the hardest time finding an eyeliner that will withstand the heat and humidity here, but so far this Stila is holding up. I also bought a new Dior color set last weekend with a creamy liner. I'm hoping that if I set it with a shadow it'll stay on well.

Time will tell I guess.

And there's no way I'll ever use the shadow part of that set, at least not during the day. I just don't ever take the time to put on eye shadow, and I'm not very good at it anyway, so I just skip it.


Right now I'm wearing the Benefit They're Real mascara. I like that it's easy to put on, doesn't clump and doesn't flake off at the end of the day.

But I also really love the Cover Girl in the orange tube. (Not pictured.) It's the best for making my lashes look thick and full without them being clumpy or sticky.

And I have to curl my eyelashes. I think it makes a huge difference.


I've been wearing a bronzer for my blush recently. It's got a bit of a shimmer to it and I kind of put it all over. I'm hoping it gives me a sun-kissed look and not a whoa she spent too much time in the tanning bed look. :)

And then my lipstick...


I wear all kinds of stuff - I have a Maybelline that I really like {sugared honey} and Smashbox {dazzling} and a bare minerals lipgloss {sugar}. Often I'll have all of these on at the same time.

And then this weekend I bought a new peachy lipstick from Chanel. I was feeling wild and crazy and totally splurged! It's a new color for me. I usually stick to browns and pinks and this is definitely a peach, but I'm enjoying it for a new summer color.

See, I really, really like lipstick. I have it on all the time. I wear lipstick like lots of people wear chapstick. Like I wake up and put lipstick on first thing in the morning. Silly? Maybe, but my lips are happy.

So looking at it all like that it seems like a lot of work...but it really takes me about five minutes total. Unless I get sidetracked by Andrew needing more peanut butter or the baby trying to climb the stairs, which, let's be honest, is what happens most days. :)

Do you put on makeup every day? Do you have any favorites that I should add to my routine?

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