Meagan Musing: Andrew Says the Darndest Things*

Meagan Musing


Andrew Says the Darndest Things*

Andrew turned two and a half last month.

Apparently being a two and a half year old boy makes you silly, loving and defiant all at the same time.


Today he was mostly silly:

At swimming lessons he was swimming next to a little girl who was scared of the water. She was crying a little, and I noticed Andrew was right up in her face saying something, but it was anyone's guess what he was sharing with her.

So when I went in to get him after the lesson he was sitting on his teacher's lap and he didn't seem in any hurry to get out of the pool. It turns out Andrew had been entertaining everyone during his lesson and was still soaking up the attention.

While the little girl was upset Andrew had serenaded her with Bob Marley:

Don't worry about a thing. Every little thing is gonna be alright.

And he shared Sweet Caroline with them all too, loud and clear.

It's a shame he's so shy and scared to come of out his shell. :)

He also likes to point out really obvious stuff to us:

"Did you see that puzzle with the dog?"


Ummm...the one that you've put together 50 times over the last week? Yes, I've seen it once or twice.

He asks the same way every time..."Did you see that?". I bet he thinks he's more observant than we are. And he's probably right.

*This could totally turn in to a weekly segment. But I'll try to restrain myself. Has your kiddo done something really silly or surprisingly wonderful lately?

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  • Ok I love that he was singing bob marley! too funny!

    By Blogger Colleen, At October 5, 2011 at 8:50:00 AM CDT  

  • Noah is all the time cracking us up with something silly. Last night, we were laying on the bed watching TV and he was playing with his toys at our feet. Randomly and for no reason at all he said in the deepest little old man voice: "Help Me!" and fell backwards like he's been hit. Totally cracked us up. Love that he was singing Bob Marley. :)

    By Blogger Courtney K., At October 5, 2011 at 12:41:00 PM CDT  

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