Meagan Musing: Settling In with Two

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Settling In with Two

I had forgotten how tiring it is to have a newborn. And this time we're throwing a toddler into the mix, which makes things really exciting!

So far though I've only been alone with both kids for about 30 minutes on Saturday afternoon.

Brian was absolutely amazing last week. He played and played with Andrew. He made all our meals and cleaned up after us. He let me take naps and cuddle on the couch with Caroline.

But he's back to work and school this week. *sigh* Andrew was so sad when he left this morning, and so was I.

My mom came to spend the week with us though so I'm still not flying solo. Brian has class two nights this week so he'll be gone all day at work and then not home again until about 10PM. I just don't think I'm ready to handle dinner, bath and bedtime on my own yet so I'm very thankful she's here.

Mom is great at playing with Andrew and she does laundry, cooks dinner and cleans the kitchen. She's also just great company. I may be a little spoiled by the time she goes home next week. :)

Andrew seems to be handling the transition from only-child status surprisingly well. He's been a little grouchy on the days that he's refused to take a nap, but overall he hasn't been acting out too much.

Brian did bedtime duty all last week and then last night Andrew refused to go to bed. I went up to tuck him in again and he asked me to pat him and sing songs for a little bit.

I started to sing his old favorites and my crazy hormones raged and I cried. Sweet Andrew comforted me and assured me I would be okay. Here I was feeling sorry for him, and he was worried about me.

This motherhood thing sure is wonderful.

Caroline went in for a weight check today and she gained 7 ounces in 3 days. Go baby, go! She's a great nurser and I'm so pleased. Breastfeeding seems to be much easier the second time around.

And I know you really just want to see a picture of the baby. My sister helped me with a little mini shoot on Saturday and I captured this darling moment:


Could she be any cuter?

Sweet Shot Day

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