Meagan Musing: A List

Meagan Musing


A List

I've had lots to say for days, but I'm too sleepy to put it all together in one cohesive post so I'm just going to make a list.

1. Andrew is currently obsessed with Billy Currington's song, Love Done Gone, because of the horn section. He's been singing it many times a day, but the only words he knows are the lines about disappearing bubbles in a glass of champagne and losing money in a slot machine. So, we're clearly teaching him wholesome concepts. :)

2. I'm missing my camera. Sure, I've taken some pictures of Caroline, but I've been so unmotivated to pick up my camera during the every day moments these last few weeks. I need to get my inspiration back.

3. In that vein, I signed up for Kent Weakley's Composition eClass. It's self-paced so I should be able to squeeze out some time to practice. I hope this gives me a good spark and teaches me a different way of looking at a potential shot.

4. I have some kind of allergies/cold thing going on and my throat is so scratchy I'm going to go crazy. I'm already not sleeping very much. It seems so unfair that what little sleep I'm getting is going to be disrupted by an itchy throat. Boo.

5. This little girl?


She's just the sweetest thing. I'm loving having a little tiny baby to snuggle. It's going to go so fast, and I'm trying to just enjoy this moment because it is so special.

6. It was 107 degrees today. Seriously Texas? On September 13?

7. I finally ordered my baby announcements and they'll be here tomorrow. I absolutely can't wait to see them.

8. I'm loving Words with Friends right now. I'm spending a lot of time sitting and nursing which leaves me time to play on my phone. Play with me! I'm always looking for someone to play - I'm MeaganMusing.

9. Andrew is doing so well at swimming lessons. He's had four lessons in the level 2 class where he's swimming without me. He's jumping in like a pro and can actually swim on his own for a few feet. I love how happy and comfortable he is in the water, just like his daddy.

10. Caroline's been sleeping for an hour. I must go to bed too.

Good night!

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