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Sick House

Last Thursday after Mother’s Day Out I took Andrew to get a cherry limeade for the first time ever. He was so excited that he’s been talking about it ever since. Really, even this morning he talked about driving by the cement truck on our way to Sonic. He thought we needed to do that again today.

But there are no cherry limeades in Andrew’s immediate future. We’ve been dealing with our first ever stomach bug this weekend. Poor kiddo got sick Saturday afternoon and has been a little iffy ever since.

And really, poor Brian, because he’s had to do the majority of the clean-up. Sometimes it’s really a bonus to be the only one who can feed the baby. :)

It was the first time we’ve had a stomach bug in this house and for that I’m very grateful. I was so worried the rest of us would pick it up, but so far, so good.

He also has a little cold with lots of snot. And now poor Caroline has a stuffy nose too. It’s so sad to hear your little tiny baby try to breathe around a full nose. I’m hoping it clears up quickly.

So, greetings from the sick house! :)

But we’re still cheering for the Cowboys today.



Yes, she is wearing a pink tutu with that Cowboys t-shirt. This having a girl thing is so much fun.

She’s already one month old by the way. How did that happen?

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