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This morning at 6:45 Andrew crawled into our bed and said, "Mama, mama! I had a bad dream. Hold me with your hands!" How could I resist that? He promptly fell asleep on my pillow, leaving me about six inches on my side of the bed, but I loved having a still, sleeping Andrew by my side. It is so rare these days.


At breakfast this morning he told me he was going to get married so that he could have a watch of his own. Somehow he's confused daddy's watch with his wedding ring, but I'm certainly not going to correct him. Maybe his future bride will be up for exchanging watches instead of rings. :)


We left Andrew with one of his favorite sitters on Saturday. My cousin asked him if he had fun with his babysitter. His reply? "No! Baby sister's in mama's belly!" as he pointed to my giant tummy.

I sure love that kid.

{I know these photos aren't overly patriotic, but this is how we spent our 4th of July, so I'm still linking up with You Capture. And Andrew's bathing suit is red, white and blue. You just can't see it under the water. :)}




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