Meagan Musing: Lake Sunsets

Meagan Musing


Lake Sunsets

We were able to spend some time at my parents' place again this past weekend. Visiting them is kind of like going on a mini vacation, and it is only 30 minutes from our house so we're there a lot. Especially in the summer.

Andrew is always asking to go swimming at Mimi and Papa Jack's. And they have a big golf cart/mule thing that Andrew thinks is a tractor and he gets to drive! Can you imagine the excitement?

And they have sunsets like this:


Sweet Shot Day


It is so beautiful out there.


I'm so glad they're so welcoming and like having us there because I told Mom we might just move in for six weeks after this baby gets here.

Speaking of the baby....

I'm 35 weeks today.


At about 30 weeks I mentioned that I remember thinking pregnancy was all downhill from that point. Well, this time 35 weeks seems to be my magic number.

I'm just glad I got those five extra weeks of being comfortable because Andrew doesn't seem to think I should be able to just lay around on the couch and complain about my back hurting all day. Hmph.

Honestly, I've felt great up until the last two or three days. I'm hoping this is just a quick phase, and I'll get a second wind to make it through these next five weeks.

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