Meagan Musing: Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Meagan Musing


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

First of all I want to say thank you so much for all your sweet words and comments on my post about losing Nana.

We had a very nice weekend with family celebrating Nana's wonderful life and all that she meant to us. She left an amazing legacy, and I'm beyond blessed to have such a loving, supportive family.

I didn't pick up my camera too much these last few days, but I did finish my scavenger hunt and I'm pretty pleased with some of my shots.

{Pop of Color}

I love our crepe myrtles. They actually thrive down here in our oppressive heat.

{Crossing Thresholds}

This is the sky over our roof. It's a little thresholdish - right? I had a hard time with this one.


I had so much fun with this. These are Andrew's safety goggles. :)


These days we're always looking for good, inside toys and paint pens are high on our list.


See the little green leaf down there? Surrounded by hydrangeas? It was hiding.

I hope you all have fun, sun-filled Fourth of July celebrations!

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