Meagan Musing: 26 Weeks & Maternity Clothes

Meagan Musing


26 Weeks & Maternity Clothes

I'm 26 weeks pregnant today!


Baby girl is growing quickly now! I can't believe how big my belly has gotten in the last few weeks, and now I'm only a week away from my 3rd trimester.


It's going by so fast.

I wanted to tell y'all about a few of my favorite maternity items. When I was pregnant with Andrew I bought a knock-off Bella Band and hated it. It rolled up on my hips, and I never wore it.

But this time I bought the real thing and I've loved it!

I haven't bought any maternity jeans yet because my regular jeans still work with the Bella Band. It's been great because I hate maternity jeans so much. They fall down and sag and are just generally unflattering.

On days that it's so hot I can't stand to wear jeans, which will be coming more and more often very soon, I've been wearing loose fitting dresses.

Which are great, but then I have some bumps and lumps on my backside that are very obvious in these lightweight dresses.

Enter Power Mama Spanx.

This is the greatest underwear ever!

They're snug and do their thing on my thighs and and hips but they're nice and loose on my belly. They don't feel constricting at all, and I can easily wear them all day.

So those are my maternity clothes tips. They've worked really well for me so far.

What about you? Do you have any great maternity clothes tips to share?

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