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Happy Easter

We're currently on our way home from our Easter weekend with Brian's family in Houston. Andrew is absolutely exhausted, but has only snoozed for a little bit. Sadly a few tears have been shed on this road trip, but so far they've just been Andrew's.

(I may have just saved the day with an episode of Super Why on my phone. We'll see how long the silence lasts.)

He was so happy on our way to Houston; we left at 7PM and arrived at 11PM and Andrew was awake and talking (and singing!) the entire trip on Friday night. He's usually so happy in the car that it's made me sad that he's been so upset today.

I think it's a combination of too much Easter chocolate, too much playtime outside in the heat and not enough sleep time.

Oh well, either way we've had lots of fun on this trip to see family.

Last night we went to an amazing Easter service at Woodlands Church in Brian's mom's new neighborhood. It was such a dynamic exciting service and best of all the Pastor delivered an amazing Easter message that reminded me of God's unconditional love for each and everyone of us.

And, y'all, the music at this place was incredible! I left feeling renewed and renergized.

Andrew even got to go to a little service for the kiddos and they made a craft. He said he had a great time, too.

The Easter bunny came to see us this morning and we had a blast going through Andrew's Easter basket and finding all the goodies.



Elmo toothbrush and toothpaste! I loved that he opened these first. It was like he knew all the chocolate was coming, and he was going to need to brush those teeth.


There's the first piece of chocolate for the day.




Fun wind-up bugs!


He was ready to blow bubbles, but we had to get dressed and go outside first.

And y'all this is how we hunted for Easter eggs:


Um, could he be any cooler?

As I'm finishing this post we are home and Andrew is safely asleep in his bed. The iPhone Super Why saved the day in the car. I think we're both looking forward to getting back to our regular schedule (with less chocolate) tomorrow.

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