Meagan Musing: 24 Weeks

Meagan Musing


24 Weeks

I'm 24 weeks today!

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Still feeling pretty good. I've been dealing with some nausea again the last few days,(I'm pretty sure it's due to insane heartburn.) but other than that I can't complain.

I had a routine doctor's appointment yesterday, and I brought Andrew with me. It was the first time he's been with me and poor thing thought we were going to get to see his pediatrician whom he loves.

Our pedi's office is in the same hospital as my doctor and he kept pointing and saying "Dr. Kabits over there!".

He's the only toddler I know who asks to go see his pediatrician.

He was so good at the doctor's office. He sat (on his bottom!) in a waiting room chair and colored. And then we colored on the paper on the exam table while we waited on the doctor. Andrew did think the big flashlight on the foot of the table was a microphone - ummmmm, no!

When he got a little antsy I handed him my iPhone with the SoundTouch app and he was good to go.

I'm so thankful for this healthy tiny little baby whose heartbeat was loud and clear yesterday. And for my big healthy toddler whose voice is always loud and clear. :)

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