Meagan Musing: Moving on Up

Meagan Musing


Moving on Up

Andrew is getting a big boy bed soon!


I think I've mentioned a time or twenty that Andrew is a climber. Sometime around Christmas he got out of his crib once, but then he didn't do again so I thought we were safe for a while. I even debated buying another crib for our new baby girl because Andrew was sleeping so well in his crib.

Well, fast forward to his second birthday, and it's a whole new ball game. My mom was here one night recently and put Andrew to bed for us. She came out of his room and asked us if he ever got out of the crib because he was standing and acting like he was going to get out when she left the room. I confidently said no, and he laid down and went to sleep after Brian rocked him for a little bit.


The next night I put him to bed and five minutes later his door opened, and I heard "mama?" at the top of the stairs.

That night he would NOT stay in his bed for anything. We were up until midnight and I had a panic attack thinking I'd never sleep again, and we're having another baby, and Brian is at school every night, and what am I going to do?????

But it's gotten much better the last week or two and we haven't been up past 10:30 or so which doesn't seem that bad after our crazy midnight night.

The funniest part is that he doesn't fall out. He just climbs down, and he will climb back in too. He has monkey feet. :)

So it's time for the big boy bed. We've been talking it up and he seems really excited about it. We were going on and on about his new sheets the other night and Andrew said, clear as could be, "comfortable blanket in big boy bed!". So I think he's really looking forward to it.

Now I'm just hoping we have a nice, smooth transition and he'll love it so much that he'll never want to get out. That's not asking too much, right? I'll let you know in a few weeks.


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