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Meagan Musing


New Blog Design

Did you see my new blog design? If you're in a reader you should click on over and check it out.

I'm so proud of it because I did it myself! I've learned a lot of new Photoshop skills over the last few months and they're really coming in handy.

I designed Andrew's birthday party invite last month:


And these cute little stickers that I used for decorations at the party:


I made these birth announcements for my friend after I did her newborn shoot in January:



I was super happy with these, and I'm planning to do announcements for our new baby this summer, too.

If you're at all interested in design I'd be happy to point you to some good tutorials. I used online tutorials and trial and error to create these. But my first piece of advice would be to download the templates from your printer so that you know the exact printing dimensions. Then you can work within that frame.

And I used the tutorials at The CoffeeShop Blog to help me with the HTML code for the new blog design. Rita's site is so helpful and full of great tutorials on photography, blogging and photo post processing.

Thanks for letting me show off my work! I'll have some cute photos of Andrew to post soon!

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