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Andrew turned two last week! I simply can't believe he's been in our lives for two whole years. It seems like just yesterday that he was born, but at the same time it's like we've known him forever.

This motherhood thing is so cool!

Here's my silly kiddo on his birthday:



He either makes this "cheese" face when I get the camera out or he tries to look at the picture on the back of the camera.

His birthday was on Wednesday and we had cupcakes that night and Brian put together his little birthday presents. We gave him a Radio Flyer tricycle and a t-ball set. He was really excited about both and we were able to play with them a bit after dinner and cake since we're back on summer time.

We had a fun-filled birthday party at our house on Saturday morning. We had 12 toddlers and 5 babies, a face painter, a balloon maker and lots of parents and friends.

It was so much fun - a ton of work - but a blast!





Most of the kids are from my mom's group from church. We met back when our babies were six weeks - three months old. And now they're running around like crazy. I've loved watching Andrew grow and learn along with these babies.

Andrew, happy birthday sweet baby! Nothing has made me happier than to be your mama these last two years!

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