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Meagan Musing


A Day in the Life

So last Friday I decided to try to document our day. Not this past Friday, but the one before that. I'm pretty late to blogging these photos but I really wanted to share. I'm going to love looking back at this post in a few years.


Breakfast time! What can we find in my crazy messy pantry? We ended up having Nutrigrain blueberry waffles with peanut butter which we have six days out of seven. So good!


He got to play the animal game on my iPod while I cleaned up breakfast.


And then back upstairs to get dressed for the day. These are the books that we read every single day. It's amazing how many of them he can pretty much recite all on his own. Repetition - it's good for a toddler!


We had to stop and play with the kitchen for a bit though. He was making eggs for us.

After we were dressed we headed to Gymboree class. I didn't take any photos there because I feel silly lugging my giant camera in there and we're so busy it would be hard to get a good shot.

We had a great time, and then we picked up our special Friday lunch on the way home:


After we ate it was time for some bed jumping and clubhouse building. Jumping on my bed is one of his favorite things ever. I always remind him about the monkeys bumping their heads, but it doesn't seem to worry him at all.



Nap time!

I did some photo editing and straightened up the kitchen from lunch. It was a great nap day.



It often takes him a bit to wake up and get happy again after his nap. Apple juice usually helps.


Then it was play time in the den. And I'm pretty sure he's watching Dora in this picture. I think he has enough toys to keep him occupied for a long while, what do you think?


Andrew loves to draw and color! This little Elmo magnadoodle was his favorite Christmas gift. He carries it all over the house drawing circles and smiley faces. And sometimes Mickey, but that one takes a lot of imagination to see. :)

Brian came home and we had dinner and then it was time for bath, books and bed.


He said "read more book" about 42 times and then it was time for a little rocking and bed.

And we do it all over again the next day. And I love it.

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