Meagan Musing: Busy Andrew and Baby News

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Busy Andrew and Baby News

Andrew is keeping me super busy these days which is why I haven't been around here too much.

I'm so grateful for pretty spring weather. It makes our days so much more fun if we can get outside and play! Andrew got this little preschool-sized backpack for his birthday and he's really looking forward to taking it to Mimi and Papa Jack's tomorrow.




Andrew tells us every day that he is "working really, really hard!" He likes pushing his lawnmower and using his power drill and saw on just about anything he can find.


He's so cute.

In other news, here is my baby bump at 21 weeks:


And guess what we found out last week?

This baby is a.....


She's perfectly healthy and was kicking her little feet all over the place during our short peek. My doctor was very happy for us. He said we're going to have a gentleman's family - a boy and then a girl. Have you ever heard this phrase before? I hadn't, but I thought it was pretty cool and Brian was certainly proud.

So I've been on the hunt for girly things to decorate the new nursery. I put up a baby girl nursery board on Pinterest. Have you been there before? It is so awesome.

Here's the link to my nursery board: MeaganMusing Baby Girl. Sign up and follow me!

I'm thinking of this for bedding:

There are just so many choices for a baby girl's room. It's a little overwhelming, but I'm excited about all the ruffles. :)

Happy weekend, y'all!

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