Meagan Musing: At the Park

Meagan Musing


At the Park

We've had the most wonderful, beautiful fall weather the last two days, and it's supposed to stay this way for most of the week ahead. October weather in Dallas is the best, and we're getting a little taste of it early. Yay!

So we headed to the park this afternoon to meet my mom's group friends and their kiddos. We hadn't been to the park in months because we've been trapped inside by the 100 degree heat.



The last time we were there I had to watch Andrew really carefully, and the whole time we were there I was super nervous he'd do a header off the slide. But today he seemed so much safer, steadily climbing up the steps and running through the tunnels.


He was crazy about the swirly slide and I was afraid he was going to have a meltdown when it was time to leave, but I was able to lure him away from the slide with snacks. I hope it's always that easy!


I should start a weekly word log to report Andrew's increasing vocabulary. Today he started saying Elmo just as plain as day. He also started saying Wrigley, the name of my parents dog, over the weekend. But he doesn't say Fenway, yet.

We were at Target today and passed a little boy and his mom in the face wash aisle. The little boy was probably two and was really whining to his mom. "Mommyyyy.....mommmmyyyyy."

And Andrew repeated him! But he says mama...."Mammmmaaaa, mammmaaa". It was hysterical! He thought it was funny, too; he said it with a smile on his face. But it was the first time he'd said Mama to get my attention. Maybe it was a turning point. :)


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