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One and a Half!

Andrew's been 18 months old for about a week now so I thought I should tell y'all all about him these days. I know you're thinking there isn't anything you don't already know, but I'll see if I can surprise you. :)

I know I'm a little biased, but he is just so darling and so much fun.


He's talking up a storm. He repeats lots of what we say. He's just started saying his name and it is the cutest thing. He says "An-do". It might be a while before we get the "r" in there. :)

And you won't believe it, but he finally says mama!! It only took 18 months! Now, he still won't say it directly to me or if he's trying to get my attention, but he'll repeat it if we say it to him.

He still says the cow says "boo" so I'm thinking the mmm sound is just a hard one for him. He can say lots of the animal noises, but his favorite is the duck. He flaps his wings while saying "quack, quack."


He's an excellent eater. He almost always eats whatever we're having for dinner, which is wonderful. I really hope he doesn't get picky because I have a hard enough time making one meal. I don't know if I can do two. :)

He loves music and dancing. His teachers at Mother's Day Out say the music class is his favorite part of the day. He dances his way through Gymboree every week. He even wants me to sing to him - he must really like singing!

His favorite toys are anything with buttons. He likes phones and TV remotes and anything he can pretend is a phone. He'll put it up to his ear and say "her-ro", "buh-bye-oh". He also likes to switch the lights on and off, but I have to hold him up there to do that so we don't do it too often. :)


He's still wearing mostly 18 month clothes and size 5 or 6 shoes. It's time to buy his fall wardrobe, and I guess I'll get some 18-24 month stuff, but I worry it'll be too big for now. We haven't been to our 18 month doctor's appointment yet, but I'm guessing he's still about 25 lbs. and right at 50% for height and weight.


He's still a crazy climber, but he seems to be getting a little better. I'm hoping maybe this means he's really listening to me and learning what not to do. But I'm afraid it's just that he's already climbed everything in our house and it's all boring now. :(

Overall he's just an awesome, adorable kiddo! :) We love him like crazy. Being Andrew's mama is the greatest thing I've ever done. We are so, so blessed!

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  • Andrew is the sweetest blend of Meagan and Brian. I see both of you when I look at that adorable face. You two are doing such a great job of being Andrew's Mama and Dada.

    By Anonymous Mimi, At September 24, 2010 at 6:54:00 PM CDT  

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