Meagan Musing: Labor Day Weekend

Meagan Musing


Labor Day Weekend

We had such a fun Labor Day weekend at the lake with my family. It was a nice end-of-summer celebration with just a small crowd.

My parents live right on the water facing west so they have the opportunity for a beautiful sunset every night.

On Saturday we got this one:



Absolutely gorgeous!


Doesn't this make you want to grab a book and hang out?

When they first moved in my dad wanted to cut these trees down because he was afraid they blocked too much of the view. I'm so happy they decided to leave them. They create such an inviting spot.

One of my favorite things to do when our family gets together is play card games. This trip we played Phase 10. I highly recommend it. Next time we'll have to start earlier though because we didn't have time to finish our game, and I was in the lead when we stopped. Does that still count as a win?!

I didn't get any good people pictures all weekend. Isn't that crazy? I'll have to do better this week.

We came home from the lake Monday afternoon, and it was time to switch gears and get ready for our week. Andrew finally started school today so I had to make sure he had clean clothes and a packed lunch.

He was supposed to start last week, but his nose was all runny so we just pretended like today was the first day of school for everybody.

Andrew did really well when I dropped him off this morning, and then when I came back to get him he was standing by the door reading (okay, looking at) a book. I said "Hi Andrew!", and he looked up at me, pointed to the book and said "dog!". It was a book about dogs and apparently it was much more exciting than I am. :)

This made my day! I so want him to love his MDO program and this seems like the best possible start. I really hope he does as well on Thursday.

Sweet Shot Day

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