Meagan Musing: Beautiful Friday

Meagan Musing


Beautiful Friday

I love Friday afternoons. I love having the promise of a wonderful weekend ahead of me. This Friday is especially nice. A cool front blew through town yesterday and we woke up to 72 degree temperatures with a fresh, dry north breeze. It's been months and months since it was this cool and pleasant in Big-D.

As soon as Andrew gets up from his nap we're taking the dog and the BOB and we're heading out for a neighborhood walk. And Brian is going to grill hamburgers for us on the new grill tonight.


(Apparently there are photographers who can get their children to look at them when they take their picture. I am not one of them.)

I've always been very sensitive to the lighting in a room. Like I want to keep the light on in the entryway all the time because that's the best way to light up that end of the house. (This drives Brian nuts.)

But since I became a pseudo-photographer lighting has become even more important to me. I look at it differently than I did before, or maybe I just notice it more than I ever did.

Well, I'm currently loving watching how the light is changing at this time of year. The sun is, of course, starting to set a little earlier, but it's also a little softer and a little warmer than is was a few weeks ago. And it comes in our windows at a new angle. And it's just so pretty, one more reason to enjoy this beautiful season.

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