Meagan Musing: Sick Day

Meagan Musing


Sick Day


Andrew was supposed to start his fall Mother's Day Out program today, but he has a cold. I was so disappointed. Summer colds are terrible! I debated taking him anyway, but his nose was pretty runny and it wasn't clear.

(Ewww...that might be TMI!)

I hated to start the year out with his teacher unhappy with me so he missed the first day of school. Hopefully he'll be up for it on Thursday because I really, really need to get some work done at the office. And he really needs to burn off some energy. :)



I never told y'all about my new camera bag. It's a Ketti Handbag and I'm so happy with it. It holds all my camera stuff and it looks good, too!

I know it has birds on it, and they're usually not my favorite, but I just love all the bright colors. And the birds just kind of blend in to the colors - right? :)


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  • I'm sorry to hear that your little guy has a cold! I hope Andrew feels better soon...we've been dealing with summer colds at our house too.

    And I'm in LOVE with your camera bag. Everything about it is perfect. Off to go check out the website :)

    By Blogger carlotta, At September 3, 2010 at 1:30:00 PM CDT  

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