Meagan Musing:

Meagan Musing


I finally decided to buy my own domain name. Did you know you can own a domain for only $10 a year?

So now you can find me at You can also still get here from if you forget.

(I decided it was easier to drop the two s's going forward. I've always been a little confused about it myself.)

If you follow me in a reader like Google Reader you'll need to update your feed*. You can click on the button over on the right hand side of the blog under Subscribe To to choose your reader and make it super easy.

(*ETA: Apparently the feed is the same. No need to update your reader. Sorry for the confusion! But, please, still subscribe!)

(And if you don't use Google Reader you totally should. It makes reading blogs so, so easy. You can see all your blogs' updates right there in one window. Give it a try!)

I'm excited about my new name!

Let me know if you have any questions.



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