Meagan Musing: We're having lots of fun!

Meagan Musing


We're having lots of fun!


This picture of Andrew in my sister's kitchen today makes me want to paint my kitchen white. What a beautiful background! And all that white to reflect the light. But it would never work in our current house. So I'll have to be happy with the pretty lighting in my den.


We've spent lots of time with Aunt Kels these last few days. We hosted their couples baby shower at our house on Saturday night. It was so much fun! And they were super cute.


Our co-hostess made the adorable diaper cake! I have to learn how to make one of these.


We had a babysitter for Saturday night during the party, but Andrew had different ideas. He was supposed to go to bed and the sitter was going to hang out upstairs in our room after he went to sleep.

But he never went to sleep! I went up to check on him at 10:30 and he was wide awake, hanging out in his crib as happy as could be. So he got to come down and go to the party.

Y'all, he stayed up until 12:45! He loved all the attention, Mr. Party Animal. :)


Andrew can now very easily get in and out of the bathtub. I keep finding him in there playing with his toys. I don't mind except for when he's wearing his shoes in the tub. Somehow that just seems gross.

I think that's all the random pictures I have to share with you with you for now, but I'll be back soon! :)

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