Meagan Musing: One of Those Days

Meagan Musing


One of Those Days

My living room looked like this all day long.


I'd pick up a mess and Andrew would come right behind me and make the same mess all over again. He's so busy, and when we're stuck at home on a rainy, stormy day it's hard to keep him occupied.

We even ventured out to Gymboree this morning in the pouring rain because I knew that would be our only activity for the day and we would need it. But it doesn't seem to wear him out like it used to.

We did get to see Aunt Kels for a while this afternoon so that was fun.


(She is going to kill me for putting this up here!)

Isn't she darling? My nephew is in there! She is 34 weeks today, and we're all really ready to meet the little guy. Andrew totally needs a partner in crime!


We had tornado warnings all over Dallas today, and Andrew and I watched on the news as one hit just south of downtown, about 15 minutes from our house. (Okay, I watched and Andrew ran around and pulled the cushions off my chairs.) I've always loved severe weather, and it's really never made me nervous before.

But it was different today because I was worried about what I'd do with Andrew if we had to take cover. I even cleaned the toys out of the bathtub and got the cushions out just in case.

But we were safe and thankfully no one was hurt in the storms. I'm so grateful we were protected, and that I didn't have to take cover in a small, confined space with my toddler and my dog. :)

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