Meagan Musing: Ten on Ten - August Edition

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Ten on Ten - August Edition

So I'm crawling out from my birthday party cave...whew it was a busy weekend!

My mother-in-law was in town for her birthday on Friday night and then Caroline's little lemonade party was yesterday afternoon.

I have about 3 million pretty photos of the celebration to show you, but for now I want to share my Ten on Ten photos. Yep, Friday was Ten on Ten, and I'm a little late, but I liked the set you go!

Friday was a day of total party prep as you'll see:

Finishing up one last banner.

Still in our pajamas.

Mid-morning light in my bedroom.

I registered for Blissodom '13! It's in Dallas next year, and I'm so excited about it! This will be my first blog conference.

After-nap grumpy lunch with this cutie.

Fenway's guarding the backyard for us.

Yellow flowers in my kitchen. I'm so obsessed with yellow right now. I love its bright pop.

And....I'm baking again.

Lemon cloud cookies.

Checking my party list and trying to figure out how to hang my Caroline Instagrams.

About nine of these were taken in my kitchen - ha! I was there a lot the last few days. I think maybe I'm all done baking for a while.

I can't wait to show y'all Caroline's party pictures...everything was so sweet! I'll be back soon.

Well, just a soon as I've polished off the left-over champagne punch. :)

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