Meagan Musing: Olympic Celebration

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Olympic Celebration

Our house is a little summer Olympics crazy.

Brian is a swimmer. He swam competitively his whole life - all the way through his four years at SMU.

We started dating our senior year, and I loved dating a swimmer.

I'd never before been to swim meet and even though I always left with terrible hair, I loved cheering him and the rest of the team on.

Well, the summer Olympics is like a giant swim meet for Brian. He's watched every single race - qualifying rounds and everything. I love it.

And I like swimming too, but I also love the gymnastics and the beach volleyball and the basketball. Even the rowing is cool!

So to help get Andrew just as excited as we were for the games we made Olympic ring cupcakes and a banner for the mantel.

It's a party!

{I'd like for you to note the state of my living room floor in the fireplace door reflection. It's not a party unless every toy you own is scattered about!}

So I'm trying really hard to avoid hearing any results during the day so that I can watch the primetime coverage with the proper suspense and excitement. But it's hard, y'all! I'm staying off Twitter and not opening any news sites online.

It shouldn't be this tricky!

So are you waiting to watch the events on TV? Or do you want to know what happens in real time?

And if you know what happened with our girl gymnasts today, please don't tell me!! I'll have to cover my ears and hum a catchy tune. :)

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