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Lately in iPhone Photos

I feel like we've just been plugging through the summer these last few weeks.

I'm starting to think about back to school and football though so I know we're on the back side. We'd had the nicest weather all summer up until this last week when we hit the 100s and stayed there.

But do you know what's coming up this week?

The Olympics!

I'm looking forward to introducing Andrew to the excitement that surrounds the Olympics: the National Anthem when our athletes are up on the podium. And the swimmers - he's going to love cheering along with his dad watching Team USA swim. And I really hope he likes watching the gymnasts with me.

I have such fun memories of the Olympics from my childhood.

But that's coming up.

What have we been doing lately? Here are the last two weeks in iPhone photos.


Mostly, I've been baking.

I've had my new (wonderful, awesome, super pretty!) mixer for a little over a week, and I've already made cookies, a cake, muffins and pizza dough. I think we're going to enjoy it.


Also, Caroline's little party is coming up soon and I'm getting ready.

I've decided to keep it small with just family, but I still want it to be pretty and girly and a party.

This wild baby is worth celebrating.


She's climbing up stuff, grabbing things off the kitchen counters when I'm looking the other way, playing peek-a-boo in my drapes.

I think I'm going to have my hands full with her.


I got my big camera out today for the first time in almost a week. I don't know how all that time can go by with it just sitting on my counter, but it does sometimes.

And then I feel its heavy weight in my hands, and I remember how much I love what we can do together - me and my third baby. :)

I'll have some pretty pictures to share with y'all later this week.

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