Meagan Musing: A Sick Baby

Meagan Musing


A Sick Baby

Brian and I went on a real date Saturday night.

I got dressed up in a pretty dress and Brian looked so handsome in his blue checked shirt.

We left the kids at my parents' place and headed back into to Dallas for a wedding celebration of sweet friends.

We talked about where we're going to go for our Brian is finished with graduate school trip in January and some work/life balance stuff we've been thinking about.  It was just so nice to spend some quality time together - something we haven't done nearly enough of lately.

After the party we went back to spend the night at my parents' with the kids and stayed up way too late talking to my mom - seriously, someone needs to start knocking me over the head - stop talking and GO TO BED Meagan!

So about 15 minutes after I finally fell asleep I heard Caroline cry out.

And when I scooped her up from the pack 'n play she was super hot. Her breath was hot, her hands were hot and her little checks were so flushed.

I tried to put her back down after she nursed, but she just cried sounding so sad. So I decided we were going to have to have baby Tylenol, but we were at my parents' and didn't have any with us.

So Brian got to make his first middle of the night pharmacy run of our parenting career.

And that's when we started kicking ourselves for the late night talk session and that last glass of wine. Ugh.

This is why we don't ever go out anymore!

Caroline settled down and slept relatively well once she got her medicine down, but Andrew was up later on for a drink of water and a re-tuck into bed.

Pretty much we were walking zombies in the morning.

And Brian had to study for a finance final, and I got to spend the day with a sad, sick baby and an overtired grouchy preschooler.

Parenting - it's not for wusses.

Caroline's feeling a little better and we're all sleeping in our own beds tonight, which makes everything easier.

And the weekend wasn't all a loss. Andrew got to swim at Mimi and Papa Jack's which is pretty much his favorite thing ever.

He thinks he's going to be Michael Phelps and was diving and everything.

And before Caroline got sick she and Reid put on a little concert for us.

Could they be any cuter?

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