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Preschool Stylin'

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So it's kinda time to think about back to school. Which is totally crazy to me, but here we are. 

Here in Dallas we don't start until the week after Labor Day, but I've seen a lot of kids around the country who are already headed back.

So I thought I'd show y'all what Andrew will be wearing on his first day of preschool.

Our style could definitely be labeled as traditional. 

I stock up on Polos when they go on sale so he'll have about six in different colors to start the year. I just love a little boy in a bright Polo. And these chino shorts are my favorite because I don't iron them (clearly!) and they never look wrinkled. 

And how adorable are those Top-Siders? Love!

Andrew is really into super heroes right now, but I'm really not into character clothes. I know he'd love a Spider-man backpack, but I'm going to wait until he's a little older and more insistent before we go down that road.

But I think the comic strip backpack from Land's End and the subtle Batman sunglasses are a nice little compromise. :)

And I had to include our favorite name bubbles. We've had these since Andrew was a baby and they're still perfectly stuck to all our cups even after many, many washes.

I'm a little in shock that Andrew is really old enough to go to preschool, but at least he'll look stylish when he walks through those doors. 

How are you getting ready for back to school? 

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