Meagan Musing: Ice Cream for Breakfast!

Meagan Musing


Ice Cream for Breakfast!

We've reached my absolute least favorite time of year in Dallas.

The end of July/early August are absolutely miserable. But October through June are pretty awesome. It's a trade-off I guess.

Also, Andrew has croup!

I didn't know, but it's contagious. So we've missed our last days of summer Mother's Day Out this week and we've been stuck at home.

But of all weeks to be stuck at home, this isn't a bad one.

So ice cream for breakfast it is!

{Caroline photo bomb - ha!}

He thought it was pretty tasty. :)

I have a guest post up today at my sweet friend Elaine's place. I'm talking about our ultimate family size...head on over to see what we're thinking!

And while you're there you should have a look around. Elaine is one my favorite bloggers; she's excellent at telling her story, and I think you'll want to go back for more!

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