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Peter Pan Date


I just told Andrew I'm taking him to see Peter Pan tomorrow night. I don't think he believes me. :)

That's right, I'm taking him to see a musical. He's never even been to see a movie because, well, he has the attention span of a three year old boy, but I'm hopeful.

First of all, he loves Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. And on our Disney cruise last spring he sat through two shows, perfectly still and completely absorbed.

My only concern is that he'll think it's over at intermission. But I guess if he doesn't want to go back in we'll just head home. Also, it'll be kinda late - it starts at 8PM - but he's such a night owl I think he'll be fine.

Now that I spell it out it looks like I've lost my mind.

But I'm really thinking it'll be a nice little mama-Andrew date. Maybe we'll have popcorn!

So I just told him tonight that we are going. He was pretty pumped:

Peter Pan knows how to fly!

Tinker Bell can make magic!

I think Jake and the Neverland Pirates will be there!

They're going to be on stage just like Mickey Mouse!

He's going to love it.

Dallas Summer Musicals provided our family with two tickets to see Peter Pan at Fair Park on opening night. But all opinions are my own. I would have wanted to take Andrew to see it anyway. :)

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