Meagan Musing: Our Week in Instagrams

Meagan Musing


Our Week in Instagrams

Last week was really long. Brian was in the middle of finals and didn't sleep much and we didn't get to see him much. It was hard.

But this week was awesome. He had more free time, and for that we were thankful.


{This photo makes me super happy.}

I had some quality time with the kids too.


Going to the grocery store on my own is a special treat, but I almost never count down the aisles or take cute pictures when I'm there by myself. :)

Caroline decided she was a big kid.


Seriously, I'm going to have to tie her down. How can this be happening to my baby?? I don't know if I can handle it. :( Also, she can climb all the way to the very top of our stairs. Whoa.

And I wore lots of plaid shirts.


Also, I can't get the Fresh Beats out of my head. Last night I was crawling back into bed after feeding the baby, and I realized I was humming about putting my hands in the it. In the middle of the night.

I think the heat is getting to me.

Happy weekend friends! :)

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