Meagan Musing: 4th of July Fun

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4th of July Fun

We had a super fun 4th of July, but having a holiday and two nights away from home right in the middle of the week totally threw me for a loop.

What day is it?

The food in our fridge is how old??

Where did all that laundry come from??


But it was totally worth it.

We had a great day with friends and family: swimming, splashing, grilling and playing in the sprinklers.


Andrew got to help put the flags out front using a hammer. It might have been the highlight of his day.

We had seven kids at the get-together. Three babies and four between the ages of 1 and 3. It was kind of wild. But no one drowned and there was very little crying. A total win-win.

Miss Caroline helped us celebrate.

We had cupcakes with my 4th of July toppers. They were so cute!

And my sister made this awesome fruit and cheese flag.

Later than night Brian and my brother-in-law took off in search of fireworks. Because boys love fire.


I am an excellent mother and let my 3 year old play with sparklers. In his pajamas.


He thought they were great fun, and no one was hurt! Again, a win-win.

I love celebrating America!

Hope you all had fun, too!

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