Meagan Musing: On Her Feet

Meagan Musing


On Her Feet

Well, my baby girl is on the move.


I know I shouldn't be surprised that she's walking already because Andrew walked at 10 months, too, but still. It's kind of wild. She's my baaaaaby!

I keep telling her so, too. Maybe she'll believe me. :)


Her closet is stuffed with dresses and bubbles and ruffles, but you know what's not in there?

Shoes (that fit.)


My walking baby has no shoes. I keep putting her down places and off she goes - barefoot.

I see a trip to Nordstrom in our future. :)


I know you're not supposed to compare your children, but, really, how can you not? Caroline is so different than Andrew in so many ways. He was the quietest baby, while she is a screecher!

It's not all the time, but she will let out a super high-pitched wail if she's unhappy about something.

I'm really hoping that's short lived.


But she's also a cuddler and Andrew never was. She lies her head down on my shoulder and snuggles in when she's sleepy. She adores her daddy and gets to him as fast as she possible can when he walks in the door. (Andrew does that too!)

She waves at us. With all her little fingers moving in and out.

And she loves peek-a-boo! It's the cutest, and it makes her laugh. She'll go around a corner and look back to see if I'm watching and she'll laugh if she sees me. Then she pops back out of sight. Repeat.

Oh, that makes my heart smile.

Being her mama is pretty awesome.

Even if she does have dirty feet.


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