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Our Night at Peter Pan

Andrew and I went on our Peter Pan date Tuesday night, and it was a huge success! He was so excited and had the best time.

I had to get a picture before we left. He asked all day if it was time to go yet. Finally! We were on our way.

He turned on his serious grown-up face as soon as we got there.

We arrived a little early and Andrew waited so patiently.

He settled in to read his Playbill. :)

The set was very pretty!

I hadn't seen Peter Pan in a long time, and I really enjoyed this show.

Cathy Rigby was so much fun! I kept thinking there's no way she's 59, but she is. She bounced and tumbled and flew all over the stage sprinkling sparkly fairy dust as she went.

I loved Captain Hook - very handsome and charming for a bad guy. And Tiger Lilly was amazing. She was beautiful and really made me wish I were six feet tall and could dance. :)

Andrew sat on my lap through most of the show and did a good job of being quiet. He didn't get scared until the end when Tinkerbell drank the poisoned medicine and started to fade. Andrew turned to me and said, "Let's go home!" It was sad, but I assured him that she would be fine and he helped us clap her back to brightness.

The show was a little over two hours with the 15 minute intermission. I was afraid it would be too long for him, but it kept his attention, and I certainly didn't have to worry about him falling asleep - he was wide awake!

And then yesterday he built the Jolly Roger out of his TRIO blocks. I think it made an impression on him!

If you're in Dallas and looking for a cool, indoor activity for your family this month I'd definitely recommend Peter Pan. There were so many kids there! It was a wonderful way to introduce Andrew to the magic of a Broadway show.

Check out this cute review video from the show on Tuesday:

Peter Pan At Dallas Summer Musicals from Dallas Summer Musicals on Vimeo.

Peter Pan will be at Fair Park now through July 22nd. You can find more information and buy tickets at Dallas Summer Musicals.

Local friends - you'll have to let me know if you go!


Disclosure: DSM provided our family with two tickets to see Peter Pan, but all opinions here are mine.

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