Meagan Musing: True Love & Cabin Fever

Meagan Musing


True Love & Cabin Fever

I'm already a week late in posting my Project 52 photos and it's only weeks 7 and 8. I have my photos though and I really, really want to complete this project, even if I'm late sometimes.

So - on with the show!

True Love


Caroline's little Valentine onesie was adorable. (It's from Pocket Baby on Etsy.) I'm pretty sure any snuggly, chubby baby = true love.

Cabin Fever


We really haven't been stuck inside too much this winter what with our abundance of 75 degree days. But Andrew always seems like he's just about the burst with excitement and the need to run. Maybe all little boys are like this, no?

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Next week: A Great Leap

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