Meagan Musing: Pink Lipstick

Meagan Musing


Pink Lipstick

So today I left the house ALONE for three whole hours. I was a little worried, but Daddy held down the fort beautifully.

I went to Northpark and bought things for myself. I didn't have a stroller to push or a baby to wear. It was a nice break.

I wandered around Sephora for a long time and bought new lipstick.

Awesome new lipstick makes me happy. #febphotoaday

I'm pretty sure it'll be a new fave. I also bought red shoes. :)

Brian is in school getting his MBA and he works hours and hours and hours at the office every week so I always feel bad asking him to help me out at home anymore than he already does.

But it's good for the kiddos to spend alone time with their dad. And it's good for me just to have alone time.

Happy weekend friends!

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