Meagan Musing: This Morning

Meagan Musing


This Morning

Y'all, I'm on a roll with the house cleaning and organizing. If my kids could fend for themselves and if everything else in my life could be put on hold I'd be able to get the whole house whipped in to shape in no time. Alas, that's not going to happen.

But I am making lots of progress.

So I have a bit of randomness for you today, but it's our crazy life and I love these photos.

Andrew's about to have a birthday. Can you believe that?? Here's the party invite I designed. I love the chevron and the red. It's going to be so fun!



The only way I got him to take these photos was to let him take pictures of me too. He's not a natural yet, but I'll keep working on him. :)

Also the You Capture challenge this week was doors and I didn't have anything to share until this morning when I grabbed my camera before we all left the house for MDO and work.

First, here's our back door.


This is the door we use to go in and out of the house since our garage is off the back patio. We almost never leave through the front door.

This is the dog who guards our back door.

He needs a haircut.

And here's what Andrew does when he finds a pink umbrella by the back door.



Only an almost three-year-old boy would turn a pink flower umbrella into a weapon.

And here's my sweet husband carrying the baby to the car for me.


He's gotten very used to me taking pictures of lots of things, but he still thinks it's kind of weird.


Such a good sport....

Lots of living goes on at this back door.

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