Meagan Musing: Robot Valentines

Meagan Musing


Robot Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!


Sweet Shot Day

I served Andrew's peanut butter waffle in the shape of a heart this morning, and I'm making icing for the Valentine's cupcakes we're going to make today after MDO.

Having kids has changed me in lots of ways - my sleep habits will never been the same, my cabinets are full of colorful plastic-ware and holidays are a much bigger deal than they ever were before.

I mean, I'd never given much thought to Valentine's Day beyond a card for Brian and a romantic dinner.

But now? Handmade Valentines.


Whoa...Pinterest brings out creativity I didn't even know I had.

Caroline is trying really hard to crawl. She's definitely mobile now, it's just that she mostly goes backwards and under furniture. Ha!



How adorable are those pants? They're from my generous friend Suzie.

I hope your day is filled with those you love!

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