Meagan Musing: Shopping Trip

Meagan Musing


Shopping Trip

Caroline had a big day today - her first trip to NorthPark mall!

I wrote about Andrew's first trip to NorthPark too. I told Caroline it would probably play a bigger role in her life than it will Andrew's. Ha!

I had to take the stroller to carry the bags.


And she got to ride in the Moby.


I can't tell you how much I'm loving the Moby wrap this time. I think I've worn her in it everyday but the day I was so sick with the stomach bug. She loves it and goes right to sleep and I love it because I know she'll be happy and content for quite a while.

I did some shopping and then went to the nursing room to feed Caroline. Two people knocked on the door in the 20 minutes I was in there. It was a popular spot today!

I bought new flats and mascara and hostess gifts for the wonderful girls who are working so hard to throw us a sip 'n see this weekend. It was a very successful trip.

I put her back in her carseat to head home.


Could she be any cuter? And that top? Oh, I'm loving shopping for girl clothes!

P.S. I have three blog posts with actual interesting content waiting to be posted in my drafts. I'm just having a really hard time finishing things these days. I'm hoping to share them soon!

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