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Details - Not to Forget

I feel like I complained all summer about the insane heat here. And I think I was pretty justified. We had the most days over 100 degrees in Dallas's history and the average daily temperature was over 90 degrees, also a record breaker.

But October is usually a pretty nice month here and we've been in the 80s most days. We can finally get back outside and play!


This kid has so much personality it's crazy. He's so much closer to little boy than baby now. The toddler stage seems to have flown by.

When Brian gets home from work Andrew says, "How was your day at work Daddy?" like he's an adult or something.



He's pretending to be sad here so that he can laugh at his sad picture on the back of my camera.

{I'm entering this shot in The Paper Mama's Photo Challenge: Little Details}

The Paper Mama

Also, we're working on potty training and it makes me want to pull my hair out. My biggest struggle? Getting him to sit still long enough to potty. I keep telling myself that we'll get there eventually. I'm 90% certain he will not leave for kindergarten wearing diapers.

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