Meagan Musing: You Capture - Motherhood

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You Capture - Motherhood

Motherhood is so many things. In my short two years as a mother I've found it to be the most exciting, fun, frustrating, rewarding and love-filled experience of my life.

The You Capture photo challenge this week was Motherhood, and I certainly found it quite challenging.

I wanted to do a self portrait with Andrew but the last time I got my tripod out to attempt a self portrait with my child he ran off and knocked over my camera setup breaking my favorite lens.

It certainly wasn't his fault, but I was sad and I've been very hesitant to put my camera in such a vulnerable position ever since.


So I noticed his shoes casually placed on my House Beautiful and I just laughed. If that doesn't show the dichotomy of motherhood I don't know what does. I want a beautiful house, but it's full of life - little boy shoes, tractors and cars, Thomas the Train books and sippy cups.

But maybe these things just add to the beauty.

I also wanted to share a beautiful shot from my most recent baby shoot.


Ah, newborn baby love. It's the best.


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