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Weekend Update

We had such a fun weekend.

We went to Gymboree on Friday morning like always. It's Andrew's happy place. When I tell him we're heading to Gymboree he starts saying "Gymbo", Gymbo". Gymbo is the Gymboree (clown) mascot and Andrew thinks he's the greatest. Gymbo was one of Andrew's first two-syllable words. He could be their spokeskid!

Then we ran by our friend Suzie's house to a small trunk show for kid's stuff. Will wasn't there, but Andrew loved playing with all of his toys and with his mama.

Saturday morning I dropped Andrew off at my sister's and headed to the Dallas Arboretum to take engagement pictures for a friend of a friend.

No, I'm not going to start a photography business. I'm really not good enough yet, but it was so fun to take pictures of adults! They smiled, and posed and never ran away from me! :)

I'll post some more of their photo shoot later this week, but here are two of my favorites:



They're using cupcakes for their Save the Date theme so we incorporated Sprinkles cupcakes into a lot of the shots, too - so cute!

The weather has been perfect so Andrew and I took lots of walks with the dog. Sunday on our way to church in the car we passed two dogs on walks with their owners and Andrew pointed and said "dog - walk!" We're teaching proper dog care early!

Oh, did I mention Brian was out of town all weekend? He left Thursday afternoon for a "mancation". Nine guys went to New Mexico to spend the night in a big log cabin and fly fish all day.

So Andrew and I were on our own for the whole weekend. Brian hadn't been out of town since Andrew was little tiny. It is so hard to solo parent! We did okay most of the time, but he was exhausted after an exciting day at MDO on Thursday and by bedtime that night I thought we were both going to run away from home.

I figured surely the weekend could only get better from there, and it certainly did. Andrew was a great napper all weekend which always leads to a happy camper. :)

Brian got home just in time for bath on Sunday night and we were so happy to see him!

One more Andrew story, and a few pictures:


I was practicing with my new camera on Friday afternoon and Andrew kept asking to see the "pict-sh" on the screen. So I told him to go stand by the door and I'd take his picture and then show it to him.

And then he did this:


And came running to see:


It was the first time he'd followed picture directions. Do you think this means he's going to be a good subject for me in the future?

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