Meagan Musing: Feeling Good

Meagan Musing


Feeling Good

Andrew was sick in his crib last night. I put him to bed and then later went up to tuck him in right before I went to bed (which, unfortunately, was much later). When I looked over towards the crib he was sitting up, covered in it. Poor, poor kiddo. He looked really confused, but didn't seem upset.

(Don't worry, I don't have throw up pictures to share with you.)


We tossed him in the tub and Brian snuggled with him and watched the end of Monday Night Football while I changed his sheets. He went right back to bed and slept all night.


(Because he was exhausted from spending all day running away from me.)

He has a bit of a cough and I think he probably just coughed too hard and threw up, but I decided to keep him home from MDO today anyway, just in case. Because isn't that what I'd want the other moms to do - just in case?


Brian is going to be in our good friends' wedding this weekend so I need two dresses ASAP - one for the rehearsal dinner and one for the wedding.

My sister is 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow. She so wonderfully offered to go to the mall with me today and occupy Andrew while I shopped for dresses.


It was a win, win situation. I came home with three dresses and Kelsey got to try to walk herself in to labor. And Andrew loved spending time with his favorite aunt!

I'm pretty sure I made a serious parenting mistake though. I let Andrew out of his stroller while we were in the dressing room at Nordstrom. He proceeded to run around like the crazy almost-19-month-old boy that he is. And them he threw himself down on the floor and army crawled under the dividers in to all the other dressing rooms.


I'm just so thankful they were empty. But I'm afraid he's going to think he can get out of his stroller and run away from now on. It's way too early for this.

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